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Just a little update. I've posted a couple new audio files. Which are ironically both old files. But they never got uploaded here before, so whatever.

Not much else to say.

Erm... if anyone needs a voice actor I may be interested in collab work.

That's about it.


*Activates jetpack*


2011-05-08 20:26:56 by SliceOfDog

Decided to start using this account again, to host audio files and such. Hopefully I can get my name out there as a voice actor. But if not, that's fine, whatevs, you know? (This is me acting nonchalant. It's supposed to make me look cooler. Is it working? I'm so desperately lonely)

But yeah, I've still been on Newgrounds, but only as an observer. Now I'm going to try and get back in the game, and shit.

My brother made Pokemon But With Animals Instead.


2008-01-19 18:32:05 by SliceOfDog

On the off chance that anyone ever happens upon this dismal page, visit PyroDaemon
It's got a load of awesome crap on it, and when I've actually made a flash, it'll be on there as well as here.